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Microbiology Services offers a broad range of test methods from standard food and water safety to specialized tests for the pharmaceutical industry. Our food microbiology tests include screens for typical food borne pathogens as well as rarer disease or spoilage causing bacteria and fungi.

We can serve as an adjunct laboratory to expand or assist your in-house capabilities. We specialize in assisting smaller businesses by providing microbiology technical assistance and consultation in terms that nonscientists can understand. On-site consultations are available to resolve specific problems.

Our team of microbiologists are ready to assist you with your next research problem. Working together we can help you develop SOP's and test protocols. Our commitment to quality customer service means you can count on responsive personalized service.

Key Benefits
Quality Assurance - provide confident results about the integrity of your
products and improve or maintain consumer confidence
Rapid response time - In most cases samples are tested the day they
enter our laboratory. We know that you need timely answers and we
strive to report your results as quickly as possible.
AOAC/Standard Methods/BAM/USP Current Editions
Tests Available
General Microbiology Testing
Aerobic Plate Count (Petrifilm)$ Call
Aerobic Plate Count (Pour Plate)$ Call
Anaerobic Plate Count (Pour Plate)$ Call
Bacillus cereus Plate Count$ Call
Clostridium perfringens$ Call
E. coli (Petrifilm)$ Call
E. coli 0157:H7$ Call
Fecal Coliforms (MPN)$ Call
Fecal Coliforms in shellfish (MPN)$ Call
Enteric Streptococci$ Call
Lactobacillus Plate Count$ Call
Listeria monocytogenes$ Call
Mesophilic Aerobic or Anaerobic Spore Formers$ Call
Mold, Direct plating method$ Call
Osmophillic Yeast and Mold$ Call
Pseudomonas aeruginosa$ Call
Psychrotrophic Plate Count (20-30C)$ Call
Salmonella (TECRA)$ Call
Salmonella (FDA BAM)$ Call
Staphylococcus aureus$ Call
Thermophilic Plate Count (>45C)$ Call
Total Coliforms (MPN)$ Call
Total Coliforms (Petrifilm)$ Call
Yeast and Mold$ Call
Other Microorganisms by RequestInquire

E. coli   © Visuals Unlimited
Food Screens
Food Poisoning/ Standard Food Pathogen includes: APC, Total Coliform, Yeast/Mold, E.coli, S. aureus, Salmonella$ Call
Shelf Life Studies include: APC, Yeast/Mold, pHInquire
Environmental Testing and Monitoring
Air Plates Bacterial$ Call
Air Plates Yeast/Mold$ Call
Contact Plates Bacterial$ Call
Contact Plates Yeast/Mold$ Call
Swab Test (Aerobic Plate Count)$ Call
Customized On Site Sanitation Surveys and Employee TrainingInquire
Identification Services
Microscopic ExamInquire
Bacterial IdentificationInquire
Mold IdentificationInquire
Yeast IdentificationInquire

Listeria Monocytogenes   © Simko / Visuals Unlimited
Water / Wastewater
Total Coliform$ Call
Fecal Coliform (MPN)$ Call
FecalStreptococcus and Enterococcus (Membrane Filtration)$ Call
Fecal Streptococcus and Enterococcus (MPN)$ Call
Heterotrophic Plate Count (Membrane Filtration)$ Call
Heterotrophic Plate Count (Pour Plate)$ Call
Iron Bacteria $ Call
Water Screens
Specialty Testing for Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Medical Device and Misc. Products
Minimum Inhibitory Concentration per 5 organisms$ Call
Antimicrobial Activity Evaluation per Organism$ Call
Bacterial ToxinsInquire
Bioburden TestingInquire
Germicidal TestingInquire
USP Microbial Limits Testing$ Call
USP Sterility Testing$ Call
USP Preservative Effectiveness TestingInquire
LAL Chromogenic Substrate Assay$ Call

Salmonella   © Visuals Unlimited
Additional Services
On Site Consultations and TroubleshootingInquire
High Volume Product TestingInquire
Custom Bio-manufacturing and Research ServicesInquire
    Note: All prices per sample, in US dollars, Subject to change without notice.

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