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Product Safety Testing

We offer accurate and reliable product testing to insure your highest quality standards. At BRL we provide a variety of tests that are individually designed to best demonstrate your product's performance. Our team of experienced scientists can assist you in meeting state and federal requirements.

Bio Research Laboratories, Inc. is an Accredited Laboratory by the state of Washington Department of Ecology, No. C073, and operates an animal research facility under U.S.D.A. license No. 91-R-0043. We are also the only lab accredited for rat LD50's and other specialty small animal assays in Washington state.

Key Benefits
Provide necessary information to evaluate your products performance in
a timely and cost effective manner
Make critical development decisions based on your products results
Tests Available
Ames Testing$ Call
Acute Oral Toxicity$ Call
Dermal Toxicity$ Call
Inhalation Toxicity$ Call
Carcinogen BioassayInquire
Dermal Sensitization$ Call
Primary Eye Irritation$ Call
Primary Dermal Irritation$ Call
Pyrogens (3 rabbits)$ Call
LD50 Rat$ Call
Other Tests by RequestInquire
    Note: All prices per sample, in US dollars, Subject to Change without notice.

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